Sales Tips: 17 Killer Tips for Your Business


17 Sales Tips for Companies

Discover seven sales tips to achieve the best results with the company’s sales team. Also check out the best current commercial tools.

Following a few sales tips is important for any salesperson to not only get around objections, but also improve their sales pitch. Also because these are times of extremely high competition.

With free access to information, it is crucial to strive to boost sales. Besides, of course, continuing to win and keep your customers every day.

It is also illusory to think that those who have shown interest in the solution you sell do not know anything about your company.

With exceptions, potential customers have already informed about you through your website and have already analyzed an article on your blog to find out if you are an authority on the subject.

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If the purchase requires a high cost, they will certainly compare you with the competition and ask for references from those who are already your customers.

After all, it is an important decision and some precautions are necessary to be taken.

So, you’re going to need some sales tips to be assertive in your mission to sell more and better, right?

Therefore, in this article, we have separated 17 sales tips that will help salespeople achieve the best commercial success.

Let’s check each one of them? Good reading!

Achieve full commercial power with these sales tips.

Sales Tips for the Seller

Achieving good commercial results management depends on the application of adequate processes, a methodology that is attentive to the client’s needs and a very comprehensive market knowledge base.

However, the centerpiece to a successful sale is certainly the salesperson. In the way he behaves and conducts the sale, he can either win the customer over or scare him away.

See the tips:

1 – Don’t underestimate your potential customer

As we said above, whoever contacted you for your solution has certainly already surrounded themselves with information about who you are and what you sell.

Therefore, “raising” a few points, manipulating the truth or anything like that doesn’t make any sense – it won’t be true and the prospect will notice.

If you say you serve a certain customer but this one, for example, canceled it, it’s not right to keep saying that, right?

2 – Understand the pain before selling the solution

Let prospects talk about their pain before you leave telling them how the solution you sell works. Maybe you’re even rushing in and delivering something he doesn’t need.

Doing so will only generate discomfort, as it will give the impression that the salesperson understands much more about the customer’s business than the customer does.

Let him talk, write it down, think about how your solution meets and, item by item, be didactic and show that what you are selling does have a lot of value.

3 – Know the customer

Knowing who you are selling to help a lot in choosing the best sales strategy and identifying what to offer. This is another important sales tip.

At this point, it is important to work on the interaction with the customer during the sale.

The salesperson must be aware of the customer’s conversation and attitudes, understand what they think and need, speak less and listen more.

This will help you build a bond with the customer, increase the trust the customer has in the salesperson, and, as a result, better accept the suggestions offered by the salesperson.

4 – Listening more than talking

The topic above is directly related to this one. Allow space for pain to be exposed. People like to be heard and this is, yes, quite the role of the salesperson.

Whenever the sales team speaks, it needs to add value. It is necessary to show, for each problem that the lead points out, how the product or service being offered makes sense to him.

Doing this even provides triggers for you to find the ideal way to close this deal. Talking little, listening a lot and asking the right questions: that’s what you want.

5 – Understand the context

You have goals to hit and you need to pursue them. But, you need to understand the current context you are in.

If it’s at the end of the year, chances are the prospect isn’t likely to close the deal – and you can’t pressure him to do so.

Even so, leave the opportunity frozen and do what the customer asked, get in touch some time later.

There are also cases in which there are changes in the commercial teams of the companies – this in the case of B2B sales – and whoever registered an interest in their offer does not know whether or not they will be able to seal the sale.

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6 – Seek emotional connection

In this sales tip, creating emotional connection is a very effective way to bridge the gap between the seller and the solution seeker.

In the conversation you have with the prospect, you can find – without being forced – connection through a common taste.

It can be a football team, a friend, a partner company, a trip made, it doesn’t matter.

Thus, you reduce the “stern” tone that the conversation could take and make the presentation of what you, the seller, are offering more fluid.

7 – Don’t waste time

Time is valuable – both the salesperson and the customer.

Therefore, first it is necessary to focus on approaching customers who have the potential to buy your service or product – in this, the importance of pre-sales grows.

Investing time in those who are not ripe to close a deal makes salespeople take longer to meet their goals – and this directly increases the Cost of Acquisition of Customers, the CAC.

If the person on the other end of the line is not willing to accept your offer, don’t insist. After all, doing this will also harm the company’s image.

8 – Use a playbook for sales

Having a sales playbook is important to keep the essence of the company present in any sale. In it there will be tips like the ones on this blog, step by step to be followed, phrases and emails to be issued, among others.

The playbook ensures quality and assertive speech, leaving the salesperson in tune with the company’s values.

As a result, sales processes are standardized and knowledge can be more quickly shared with new salespeople.

9 – Adapt and understand who you are dealing with

Standardized speech is important in virtually all sales tips, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the rule of thumb for working on a daily basis.

Also because not all people have technical knowledge or complete mastery of the subject.

So, it is up to the sales team to understand the maturity level of the potential customer and, if necessary, be didactic so that the sales pitch makes sense.

A good salesperson, by the way, is one who manages to generate value for both laymen and decision-makers, specialists in the field.

10 – Knowing well the solution you sell

Every customer contact needs to generate value for those who listen to you. Therefore, it is necessary that the commercial team understand exactly what it sells.

That he has complete mastery, after listening to the customer’s pains, of how it makes sense for him to purchase his product or service.

This way, you will really show that you understand the problem he has and know how it can be fixed right away.

11 – Believing in what you sell

More than knowing what you sell well, you have to believe in what you have at hand.

Within your sales pitch, you must defend, show that what you sell is the best for the prospect.

Know how to defend your solution if the competition is cited; show a case of customers from the same segment, for example, to help convince those who listen to you.

12 – Know how to eliminate objections


Dealing with objections and rejections is common, but never easy. This is part of the salesperson’s maturation and learning process and makes a big difference in the results obtained with sales.

He must learn to be resilient, face difficulties and look for solutions in them.

This involves not taking it personally, but finding something that shifts the focus of the conversation.

13 – Organize the sales funnel well

It’s important to have your prospects’ information clear and organized in your sales funnel. Customers are increasingly demanding and a lot of organization is needed to meet the demand.

Therefore, always map who you sell to and the actions already taken in relation to them within your CRM.

If a salesperson, for example, has already contacted him, you will know and thus avoid repeating the action and irritating him.

14 – Be quick or else the leads will cool down

Has a lead entered your sales funnel? So it is necessary to act assertively, be proactive. Otherwise, it will end up cooling down.

Get in touch as soon as possible with anyone who has registered an interest in your solution. After all, it is quite possible that he was interested in the competitor.

So whoever goes faster, whoever generates value first, will most likely win the customer.

15 – Be proactive to follow-up

Follow-up causes the salesperson to stay connected to the lead. The key here is to maintain the relationship and qualify it to move from the pre-sales funnel to the sales funnel.

This work can be done by an SDR too.

This way, you gather more information and make the prospect more prepared, more informed about who you are and what you sell, and selling is easier when you ask questions and talk more about the product.

16 – Customize the sale

Once the salesperson knows their customer better, it’s important to give them personalized attention.

Based on the knowledge obtained, adapt the products available to the customer’s needs. Do this by analyzing what is really useful for him. Don’t neglect this task.

17 – Being much more a consultant than a salesperson

Leave the robotic work to the machines. Stop doing manual and repetitive jobs like copying and pasting dozens of emails a day.

For example, when a salesperson trusts an Online CRM, it’s much easier to become a business consultant.

You identify the pain, show how the solution works and how it will, step by step, correct what ails the potential customer. Generate value. That’s what you always need to do.

We’ve set aside some tools to optimize our sales tips.

Tools that leverage sales tips

In addition to the human factor, some tools and techniques can be great sales tips to increase and leverage results. See some of them.


The use of CRM allows you to centralize the data that are very useful at the time of sale.

It lets you know not just who you’re selling to, but what might actually be of interest to the person. It’s the customer’s life and profile on your computer screen!

SPIN Selling

Another effective tool or technique is SPIN Selling. Its four phases are: situation, problem, implication and need.

For each phase, the correct questions must be asked, which will help to identify the best decision to take, that is, the next step to be taken in a sale.

Usage of Metrics

Knowing and tracking sales metrics helps streamline work and expand revenue. It’s important that you and your team know if sales targets are being met.

At the same time, understand how the conversion rate is going from marketing leads (newly converted visitors) to sales leads (leads already educated about their needs).

Also, look for the ratio between leads and opportunities and the conversion of leads to customers.

Sales cycle

The sales cycle involves the entire process between converting a lead into a customer. To use it correctly, it is important to analyze where to focus your marketing efforts.

Using a sales cycle helps you understand your customer, their preferences and goals, and improves the alignment between marketing and sales.

In short, by applying these sales tips, your team will become more engaged in customer service.

At the same time, it will exponentially increase sales, generating good business results.

So, how can we help you? If you have any questions about any of the sales tips: TALK TO A CONSULTANT.

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Good sales!