Sales script: what it is and how to do it (see ready-made templates)


Ready Sales Script

Making use of a sales script is a safe and effective alternative to always looking for the best commercial results as quickly as possible.

The aim is always to generate value for the customer and ensure that he feels confident to buy, right? So your sales pitch needs to go in that direction.

In the midst of so many calls, emails, exchanges of messages, it is often confusing to remember what needs to be said. The role of the sales script is to tackle this problem. It’s giving a roadmap for the commercial team to follow.


But, of course, it doesn’t have to be to the letter. After all, every customer has their own needs. Not all are the same. Therefore, a “closed” step by step may simply be ineffective.

It is necessary, rather, to follow a script to know what needs to be said and at what moment. However, it will be up to the seller, adopting some sales techniques, to be malleable.

Be smart to secure the best possible deal for both parties. In this article, we give some tips on how you can build a sales script that is effective and assertive.

There are some necessary steps to be taken. In addition, we show examples for you to understand how it looks in practice.

Come on? Good reading!

How to create a sales script that really works? We have 4 steps to help you!

To have a script that helps you when selling, you need to follow a few steps before going down and creating it.

Ideally, it should be registered in the sales playbook and made available for everyone to consult whenever they want.

But if you want, it can just stay in your head. By the way, by the way: did you know that a playbook is also a sales script?

Listen and understand better:

One way or another, it has to exist. So, to create an effective sales script, follow these 4 initial steps:

1 – Define the steps of the business process well

We need to start with the basics – which, yes, needs to be said. It is vital, it is essential to have the stages of the company’s sales process very clear and structured.

This is the most effective way to create a sales script that works, doing one for each step. If you don’t have your process structured, we’ll help you.

Of course it will depend a lot on the sales cycle, but think that some actions need to be done, such as:

  • Prospection;
  • Nutrition;
  • Qualification;
  • Follow up for proposal approval;
  • Customer success.

As we said, it will depend on the type of business the company has. In B2B sales, which are more complex, there will be a need to do more steps and:

  • for each of them a different pipeline ;
  • For each of them a different script.

2 – Study the product, the market and the customer a lot

Seeking knowledge is something that needs to be on the mind of anyone working in sales. The world changes too fast with technology.

Entrepreneurship books can be a good alternative. But there is training, coaching, and application of agile methodology … anyway.

The crucial thing is to be restless in the search for improvement. Literally overnight what was known, what was known as a conviction and/or good practice may no longer be so.

A good salesperson is someone who seeks to improve what they know about the product and service they sell, the market they are in (how is the competition selling?) and the customer’s habits.

Knowing the persona helps to understand the common pains and direct the sales script to meet them immediately.

Understanding this, you can say that for problem X, the functionality Y of the sales service completely solves the problem.

And knowing how the market is, it will always be possible to generate value for prospects – much more than the competition does.

As a result, you can ensure customer success as quickly as possible. What is essential to retain you and ensure an upsell in the future?

3 – Drink from the best source

Ready Sales Scripts

Within the mission of being a good salesperson and putting together a killer sales script, talking to the best in the field is something that brings a lot of value to the sales routine.

It is common for inside sales to standardize how sales occur, especially since they have a sales playbook that documents this modus operandi.

But, as we said earlier, this cannot be fixed and immutable. And, within this context, talking to more experienced salespeople brings insights to sales managers.

For example, with this, it is possible to have triggers that work around the objections that customers have. Ideally, everything is always registered.

So everyone can optimize the speech and sell more and better faster. The reduction of the sales cycle is something that companies pursue, and actions like this help in this mission.

If there is no more experienced salesperson within the company you are in, seek knowledge in lectures, courses, events, videos on the internet.

Everything helps you, even to know how you simply cannot act.

4 – Register, analyze and improve

Having control of sales is a basic item that simply no manager can ignore. A good sales system keeps everything that happened and how it happened recorded.

In fact, it is the starting point of the analysis to improve the sales script. In inside sales, a good Online CRM leaves the leads with the prospects registered.

This means that the script can be constantly revised in feedback meetings. Furthermore, when together, analyzed and improved if there are gaps.

As such, the importance of having activity-based sales grows. Thus, opportunity by opportunity, it is possible to find standards in relation to customers and products and, of course, always improve the commercial pitch.

But remember: this needs to be done together. Each salesperson has their style, of course, but it is necessary to act within the mission, vision and values ​​that the company has.

Ready-made scripts streamline the entire process

Ready Email Sales Scripts

For example, think about the following case, in this simple account that we will cover below.

A salesperson spends 1 minute copying an email text and exchanging snippets of messages with lead data and repeats this 20 times in the same day.

That is, he spends, like, 20 minutes a day, 1 hour a week and 4 hours a month. Just to illustrate, let’s go to another possibility.

Now take a team of 20 salespeople. That’s 80 hours of team time spent copying and pasting text from emails.

Let’s go further.

Let’s suppose that each salesperson costs the company, fixed, about R$3,500.00 per month. That’s BRL 22 hours per hour worked.

Soon, we will have 80h x R$22 = R$1,760.00 of team cost copying and pasting email messages. However, this is just the cost. In other words, it is necessary to look at the opportunity cost.

Your company is losing money

Going further in our calculation, answer: how much more can you sell with 80 hours a month? Let’s say each salesperson in this company spends 4 hours to close a deal with a 20% demo/sale conversion rate.

In summary, this time saving would represent:

  • 4 more deals closed in one month. That is, 48 ​​new businesses in the year.

If the average ticket is BRL 1,000, we are talking about BRL 50,000 in opportunities thrown away just by copying and pasting emails.

It is possible to reduce the sales cycle by 20 days by implementing ready-made scripts, email templates along with your sales system, for example.

This is one of the cases of CRM Pipe Run customers, which reduced the closing cycle from 40 to 20 days. In other words, this means starting the month with an opportunity and earning it in the same month.

What is essential to provide additional motivation for the team to achieve goals and more oxygen (money) in the company’s cash?

Ready-made sales script examples for all channels

So, now that you know the theory, let’s put it into practice. Get your hands dirty and create that model that will help you sell better.

Consequently, this will make the customer see value immediately in the way you communicate. We separate an example script for each step we mentioned above – remember?

This will help qualify your company’s sales force. In fact, you can approach either by phone or by email.

Therefore, we separate these two categories. Before we show the scripts, a warning is in order. They have greater power of persuasion within the inside sales model, ok? Let’s go to the scripts:

Via phone

Follow some models – adapting them to your reality – such as:

Script for prospecting

“Hello, [person’s name], how are you?

I’m [name of seller], I work at [name of company], and I help people with [the result your product or service generates]. 

For the contacts I made, I would like to speak with [desired position of person].

Would you be that person? If not, could you tell me who you are and how can I contact you?”

Script for nutrition

As this is a step in which the lead is educated to purchase, it is necessary to send content to him.

And this happens much more efficiently via email (see below for a script for this step).

Script for Qualification

“Hello, [person’s name], how are you?

I saw that you registered interest in [quoting where the lead converted] and would like to know your availability to speak with our sales consultant? 

What times and days this week would it be possible for us to schedule a demonstration so you can better understand how our solution works?”

Note: After scheduling a meeting, it will be up to the seller to demonstrate the product or service. That’s why there’s no script here for an example to talk about right now.

After all, every company knows what needs to be said about what it sells, right?

Script for follow up

“Hello, [person’s name], how are you?

I would like to know if you already have an answer to the proposal we made [quote when].

I would like to know if you have any questions that need to be clarified. 

I also remember that this condition is only until tomorrow [create a sense of urgency in the person].”

Success script

“Hello, [person’s name], how are you? I wanted to welcome you.

I am [your name], responsible for the company’s success.

Any questions you have can contact me.

I’m sending you some content to your email that will help you have the best experience with us.”

Via email or What Sapp

Follow some models – also adapting them to your reality – such as:

Script for prospecting


I’m the [sender’s name] for [your company] and we help companies like [prospect’s company] with [brief description of solution sold].

I would like to initiate contact and present a little more. Could we talk briefly via phone, if possible, later this week?



Script for nutrition


I’m [sender’s name] for [your company] and I came to share something very interesting with you today.

Did you know…? [Insert some information about the content you are submitting].

I am at your disposal from now on.



Script for Qualification


I am the [name of the sender] of [your company] and I saw that you were interested in [quoting the content sent in the previous email].

I would like to know your availability of day and time, this week, to speak with our consultant and understand how our solution works best.

When could we schedule it? 

Follow the link to the public calendar for you to schedule the most convenient time. [Paste link]



Script for follow up


Be sure to accept our proposal as soon as possible, as the condition we were able to negotiate for you is only until the end of this week.

If you have any questions, you can contact me by replying to this email.



Success script

Hello *PERSON’S NAME*. Good to have you with us.

My name is [name of the person], responsible for the success area, nice to meet you!

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit our blog [paste hyperlink] and read more about [subject the blog addresses].

I am available to help you have the best possible experience in our company.

Big hug,

In short, with these sales scripts focused on every step of the process, it’s easier to take the initial step to always ensure customers are always satisfied.

That is, it’s just a kickoff.

Adapt to the reality of your business – not least because these models are more geared towards B2B sales.

So, how can we help you?

Enjoy and see two contents that will help you.

The first one features a ready-made sales playbook template, with script examples and everything to straighten out your business process.

The second addresses the difference, in sales, of efficiency and effectiveness.

Good sales!

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