Sales machine: what it is and how to create in companies in 5 steps

Sales machine

How to create a sales machine in companies?

Sales machine is an expression used to designate companies that have built a scalable sales model. It is a structure of actions and processes that sustain the constant growth of qualified leads that will become customers. To build a sales machine, however, a few steps are critical.

Growing a business is not an easy task, nor will it ever be. And that you already know well.

The challenges for those who undertake are enormous and of all kinds. But that won’t stop you from staring, right?

Scaling sales means having a company with all areas working at their maximum productive capacity.

More than that: within optimized processes and delivering solutions to the market that really make sense for the customer.

This is all part of the whole, of what it takes for a company to build a sales machine that really works.

However, this alone is not enough: and you need to be clear about this.

Today’s article helps you understand what steps are required to be able to scale sales within a concise model and process.

We will talk about strategies, steps, actions, tools and everything that can help you in this task.

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First of all: what is a vending machine?

Sales machine means having, in your company, a process for attracting customers (and retaining them) that is always:

  • scalable;
  • predictable;
  • profitable.

It must be scalable because this machine needs to be constantly improving.

Feedback with accurate, real-time information and data to strengthen sales and lead generation channels .

The growth is, therefore, a consequence of the sales process that is really well structured and that has a broad and total vision of everything that happens.

The vending machine is also predictable . That’s because it’s important for you to be able to project the future based on what’s happening in your business today.

It’s critical to always keep in mind what’s going on. Know the main customer acquisition channels, conversion rates at every stage of the pipeline .

Only then will companies be able to identify where the best opportunities come from – and focus on them.

Finally, the vending machine must be profitable . This means: each new customer needs to offer a return greater than what was spent to acquire it ( ROI ).

Therefore, the Cost of Acquisition of Customers ( CAC ) must either be less and less or the sale must be greater for you to be really profitable.

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Why is building a vending machine so important?

The answer to the title of this topic can be answered with another question: which company does not want to increase sales ?

I mean, think about it. Markets are increasingly competitive.

The bargaining power that in other times was with companies is, today, in the hands of customers.

So, it is fundamental, even a matter of life and death for companies, to constantly seek a new competitive advantage.

Even if you want to start a business from scratch and are proposing to do something that already exists, this should be the thought: how to differentiate yourself?

To build a sales machine, it is not enough to achieve a certain level of efficiency in terms of results and actions.

If you do this for a while and stagnate, the market will adjust and your sales performance will stagnate and then drop.

That’s why businesses pursue a sales model that is scalable: to adapt to the new demands that inevitably arise in the market.

Customers change their behavior, focus and priorities. The company that earlier identifies this and adapts product/service with delivery and sales pitch , will have an advantage.

Logically, the business will become more profitable and you, having information about the entire process, being one step ahead, are able to maintain this distance from competitors – and even increase it.

This is the importance of a sales machine, of having strategies that make your company always ready to, if necessary, adapt and change.

What is the role of technology behind the vending machine?

So just close this article, go out and start building your sales machine from now on?

In fact, if you do, you’re going to be wasting time and possibly frustrating a lot of people.

It’s critical that you have strategic planning behind any major action you’re going to take.

The first step is to have your sales team aligned with your marketing team.

After all, let’s do the following reasoning – which goes far beyond the so-called “passing the baton”.

The marketing is who leads the opportunities of generations (read: leads) for basically any company.

And the sales team is the one who manages to direct these leads through the steps of the funnel , in fact, converting them into a customer and providing the long-awaited result for the company.


From there, to turn your business into a vending machine, you will need some actions to maximize productivity and, if possible, reduce operating costs.

So, you can already imagine what we are talking about, right? Investment in technology.

First step, therefore, is: your company necessarily needs to go through the digital transformation to build a sales machine.

There is not (and will not be) a process that is scalable, predictable and profitable without technology.

If we are talking about the marketing and sales team and technologies, we need to keep in mind two indispensable tools:

  1. marketing automation platform ;
  2. Sales CRM .

Marketing and sales working on numbers

How to create a sales machine in companies?

The first platform mentioned above helps you to  capture leads , manage them, nurture them and prepare them for the approach of your sales team – more precisely, the SDR .

You also measure all your actions; understands which marketing strategies bring the most results – and which don’t.

You’ll also know if you’re attracting the right persona : if you’re speaking in the tone she needs and delivering quality content to attract her.

The second, the sales system , makes you qualify, continue to delight, relate better, negotiate, sell, retain and retain the customer.

It even serves, thanks to the saved history, to recover an inactive client . That person who bought from you previously and now no longer buys.

With really complete software, you can see where your best leads are coming from – and let marketing know that to direct efforts there!

Or better yet: set up a sales dashboard with all relevant metrics and let everyone know.

Coming back: with a CRM you have all the resources to turn your prospects into real sales opportunities.

Create various types of funnel  for various processes within the sales sector .

It keeps the focus on the customer , on their success and builds a delivery that, at each step, will generate value for them.

And with the numbers inside the platform, you’ll know exactly where you’re failing and where you’re strong.

Understand how to create a vending machine in 5 steps

Come on.

Now that you understand what a vending machine is, its importance and the role of technology, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

To help you build a process that is predictable, scalable and profitable, we’ve broken the task down into 5 steps.

It’s the beginning of everything – you’ll need to make adjustments as the numbers show up.

However, of course, we need to get started. That’s why we’ve separated the following step by step:

1 – Increase the number of leads

The first step is important – and you’ll need to spend a little here. It’s important to understand exactly the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) of your business.

So, to increase the number of potential customers, you need to test your acquisition channels.

You need to know if your prospects are on LinkedIn and not Facebook .

But you’ll only know this if you test it, right? So, invest in ads in all possible channels and monitor which ones bring more leads and, consequently, which ones became sales.

At the same time, strengthen your content marketing and, of course, use your automation platform to manage your actions.

Don’t forget, of course, to integrate the marketing tool with your CRM for the generated leads to enter your pipeline .

See what the competition is doing, have some pain mapped out, and build good rich materials – and blog posts – based on that.

You need to do all this to generate volume, demand for your sales team.

Feed the top of the funnel daily to keep your vending machine up and running at full capacity.

So, be clear: you need to look for the best acquisition channels while generating leads for sellers.

The wheel doesn’t stop. You need to make adjustments with everything in progress. Or, in the popular: “change the tire with the car in motion”.

That’s right.

2 – Identify good opportunities

Having quantity does not mean that you have quality in your sales opportunities.

What does that mean? It is not because you have many leads that will necessarily increase sales .

The mission now is, how many of these leads are able to actually become a buyer?

An efficient sales machine has effective marketing actions. So, invest in a stream of email nutrition to educate your potential buyers.

It continually delivers more in-depth content to, in the end, “throw the bait” and request a demo with the seller, for example.

Or a call for a diagnosis; enrollment in the trial period … This “bait” will depend on your business.

Along the way, you separate the wheat from the chaff: the leads that aren’t opening your emails or clicking your links are left behind.

Those who are, increase their lead scoring (be aware of this) and advance in the purchase journey .

That’s the wheat. It is with them that you have a chance to sell.

Pay attention to them, approach them and be consultative so that they continue to trust you and be interested in listening to your offer.

3 – Attention to customer indicators and feedback

The sales metrics are essential for any company that wants to have a scalable process.

And, well, as we talked about earlier, only those businesses that already have the technology within their processes can do that.

Here, all indicators count – whether within your marketing platform or within your CRM.

But more than that, you also need to hear what your customer – and those who aren’t fit with your business – have to say.

Get ready to map well your pains, objections and challenges to build value on top of it.

Value in this case is: having speech, content and actions aimed at being consultative with the potential client and delivering something that really helps them.

Show how strategically your solution helps the customer. Talk about business, be consultative in the speech and its contents.

And, of course, don’t forget the numbers to see if a particular stock at a particular stage in the funnel is having more or less conversions than before.

Do you remember what we talked about? The process feeds back information to always improve itself.

This is building a truly efficient sales machine focused on customer success with your brand.

4 – Strategic thinking in relation to the team

Each person has a different profile, as well as skills that are more mature and others that need polishing.

An efficient sales machine goes through a qualified, multidisciplinary sales force focused on doing more and better for the customer.

For this, it is also essential to understand the concept of Customer First and how it helps companies.

Adopting agile methods , such as the SCRUM methodology , is a way to get the best out of each one in terms of productivity and quality of work, for example,

The important thing is to have a success mentality , change the mindset and understand that actions need to be based on indicators, not the famous “I think”.

It’s the customers who think, and say, and “scream” at the company all the time. The technology is able to capture a lot of this data and show it in reports for you.

But it is necessary to know how to interpret them and understand, within the possibilities, what can be done to improve them.

Therefore, more than having technology working, have people capable and willing to do more and better.

5 – Constant improvement

No process is 100% ready. Even though you may consider that there are no major changes to be made, the truth is that competition is not at a standstill.

Then that competitive advantage you have can literally overnight disappear.

That’s why it’s so important, to keep the vending machine going, to constantly improve.

Sellers are – and always will be – the main ambassadors of your brand.

So don’t waste time: invest in sales training periodically.

Analyze the numbers, listen to calls recorded within your CRM, hold a weekly sales meeting that focuses on improvement – ​​not just reporting on activities done.

Direct efforts and knowledge to interpret the indicators and implement improvement actions.

Put, monitor and interpret whether it is working or not. The wheel doesn’t stop and your machine doesn’t either.

So, how can we help you?

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