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Home office is the concept for “home office”. In sales, it is the salesperson or pre-salesperson performing, at home, the functions they do in your company. To be productive on this mission, you need to follow some strategies.

In times of virus pandemic (such as Covid-19), it is common for our routine to be changed.

People circulate less on the streets. Some services are reduced. But some activities cannot stop.

This is the case in the commercial sector of companies: after all, life must go on normally.

But, some adaptations are needed to prioritize the well-being of everyone.

And that’s where the home sales office comes in. However, there are often doubts about how this task can be performed.

But the fact is that technology has evolved so much that it is possible to be productive doing home office sales.

Performance doesn’t drop and you don’t run out of resources needed to perform your duties.

Want to know how this happens in practice? Stay with us.

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What is home office sales?

Home office, in a literal translation, means “home office”. But this, of course, you already know.

After all, it is a term that is already quite popular. But not only had the term become popular: the practice as well.

What was previously restricted to only a few professionals, is now much broader.

And that’s where we want to get: the company’s sales department can also work from home.

The digital transformation that companies have gone through provides this.

Productive work, focused on the customer, always keeping the best practices in the sales process up to date.

Both the sales team and the SDR team can perform their duties from home.

That’s because, with a cloud-based sales system, anyone can literally access the software they work on from anywhere in the world.

Provided, of course: there is a good internet connection and a computer.

What needs to be done will be centralized in one place: in your sales CRM.

Home sales office is possible and efficient for companies that act in this way.

With spreadsheets, however, it is much more difficult, for example, to carry out sales management.

If in person, in the company, this would already be a difficult mission, can you imagine each team member working from home, in a decentralized way?

What was difficult becomes, in fact, an almost Herculean task now, doesn’t it?

Tips for a Proper Environment for the Home Sales Office

First of all, let it be clear: take care of your health. Follow the recommendations of the competent authorities!

With the outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2020 in Brazil, companies began to adopt more of this home office format.

And, well: we know that the work environment is much more conducive than our home.

Even though it is comfortable, we often don’t have the necessary structure to be able to focus and produce what is necessary in the routine.

However, some actions can be taken to have a suitable environment.

And while it’s not ideal or doesn’t look like the office, they help make you more comfortable and willing to work.

Therefore, we have separated some tips on how to create a space that helps you in your home sales office:

  • Have a (at least) stable internet;
  • Respect the times agreed with the company and register them;
  • Take off your pajamas and put on suitable clothes (if not work, something else);
  • Avoid distractions: work time is for work, just like at the company;
  • Set up a ventilated, comfortable and quiet space (use a table and chair, no bed or sofa).

How to make home office sales productive? See 9 tips!

Earlier we talked about small actions that the worker can take to have a productive sales home office space.

But, of course: there is the company part. Along with the employee, actions and strategies need to be put into practice.

In this paragraph, therefore, we will talk about joint actions to have productivity and focus on everyone’s sales performance:

1 – Have a good sales system

home sales office

The first (and mandatory) step to be able to make a home sales office that is really productive is to have a CRM.

One that is cloud-based, accessible from anywhere in the world and has all information centralized.

It’s thanks to him that you have all the resources you need to not feel any change in your routine.

You have:

  • records of companies, customers and sales opportunities;
  • different types of funnel to handle all internal processes;
  • history of all interaction of a lead with the company within the opportunities;
  • integrations with other tools to make any action more agile;
  • bid and contract templates to quickly send and receive any document;
  • Electronic signature to validate acceptance of the commercial proposal or contract.
  • Between others.

Only an online CRM provides this for you. Or do you imagine controlling your sales with several spreadsheets scattered around?

Or having to send a contract in the mail and only then receive it signed?

2 – Use an integrated phone

This is one of the most important features for the seller’s home office to be productive.

CRM-integrated VoIP telephony allows you to make calls anytime, anywhere.

You can place calls from within the opportunity. And you can even record them and listen to them later.

You do not depend on the company’s landline or cell phone – personal or professional.

Look: the modus operandi both in the company and at home is the same. It doesn’t change anything.

Through VoIP telephony you keep calling your contacts normally, with a few clicks.

3 – Make small daily meetings in the morning

home sales office

It is the role of a sales manager, even more so when work is done remotely, to gather information whenever possible.

A good practice at this time is what the SCRUM methodology recommends.

Small daily 15-minute meetings to review what was done the day before and project the current one.

It is up to the pre-sales and sales team to talk about the tasks, difficulties and challenges and what will be done today.

It’s a way to know and control how everyone is working.

Of course, the leader will be able to see in the CRM all the actions taken, but it is necessary to make a really effective management.

Maybe someone on the team is having a specific type of difficulty and needs help at this time.

But, you’ll only know this if you talk to your team, right?

4 – Management needs to focus

In times especially where the home office sales is done in a hurried way, the role of the manager is even more important.

In addition to providing the conditions for the team to work, he needs to be aware of the day-to-day.

The daily meeting is one of them. But he also needs to be in contact with the marketing team, who are the ones who bring leads for sales.

You have to be aware of how your sales team is working – if someone is overloaded or idle, for example.

Take advantage of your CRM indicators and analyze, after the first week of working at home, how the team’s productivity was.

If it was low (fewer emails, phone calls, activities than usual, for example), act!

Gather everyone early next week and try to find the impediments.

But make this sales meeting (which will be remote) really interesting and effective.

Assign roles to each team member so that everyone feels engaged during the debate.

5 – Use your sales playbook like never before

When salespeople are working remotely, they don’t have the sales leader by their side to clarify doubts.

Lucky for you (hopefully) you have your sales playbook filled out, complete, and ready to address any queries from your team.

This document is very important because it brings all the best practices within a company’s sales routine.

It is a kind of “guiding letter”. It will talk about sales methodology to be employed, mental triggers, and ways to get around objections.

So, if your company is going to do home office sales, have this valuable document filled out and accessible to everyone.

This will help to resolve doubts promptly, on the spot, even during customer contact.

It will prevent the sales cycle and the CAC, already greater due to the coronavirus pandemic, from being even greater.

6 – Empathize with those on the other side

Empathy is needed at all times. But, because of Covid-19, it needs to be exercised even more.

So if you’re working from home and you’re in contact with a potential client, it’s quite possible that they’re in the same situation as you, right?

So, be patient at this time and understand that he also has more difficulties to overcome.

Don’t push the sale in any way – even if we know you have goals and objectives to be achieved.

The decision-making at these times will be longer. And there’s not much that can be done to shorten it.

It is up to the seller to always be available to clarify any doubts.

And send good content, educational and enlightening, so that the prospect can eliminate the barriers he has alone.

7 – Use your What Sapp well

home sales office

At these times, What Sapp is a great ally. But not just for the obvious reasons of its practicality.

Let’s use the same logic as the previous item. You are doing home office and your client can be too.

So it is very likely that the landline you have registered and that you usually talk to is not answering.

So, there’s nothing better than using the chat app to continue carrying out your activities.

Take advantage of platforms that integrate What Sapp with your CRM to keep the conversation registered within the customer’s opportunity.

Remember how important this is? We talked at the beginning of the tips to have centralized information.

Also use customer-ready What Sapp messages to speed up every step of your pipeline.

After all, you’re still doing your normal work, right?

The sales force continues prospecting, qualifying, relating, selling, delighting and retaining consumers.

8 – Be patient in the follow up

Again we use the same logic as the item that passed. While technology helps, not all companies have the technology in place.

So, if your customers still use physical landlines and are doing home office work, it’s very unlikely that they’ll serve you.

So, let’s go to a concrete example of what it can do. Let’s say that in the sales funnel, you have two follow-up steps:

  1. First follow up
  2. Second follow up

The first one you usually do by email and the second you call. Well, connecting is not an option in this context, right?

Okay, sure, call to see if they’ll pick up. But otherwise, already have an email triggered, different from the first one, for this task.

If you have the customer’s What Sapp, even better. Use ready-made sales script to make the task more agile.

But, what we mean here is: be prepared for the change of scenery and don’t delay your activities.

9 – Deal with no-show

home sales office

Yeah, accept it: you’ll get more no-show in sales – and you need to be prepared.

It will happen. More than normal. So, use the time you were reserved to:

  • do some follow up;
  • consume good content;
  • watch webinars ;
  • review some opportunities;
  • listen to recorded customer calls;
  • Between others.

The important thing is: don’t stand still. Even with the changed routine, stay focused on your customer and on doing more for him.

This way you will be productive in your home sales office and your customer will know how to recognize this at the right time.

So, how can we help you?

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