15 Marketing Strategies to Attract Much More Customers

Marketing Strategies

Best Marketing Strategies for Companies

Following some marketing strategies is, without a doubt, a smart practice to attract more customers to your business and always have a positive ROI. Selling more and better is possible when you follow the tactics we’ve selected for your business (regardless of size) in this article.

Define which strategy you will use within your company’s marketing to give more leads to the sales team. No doubt this is not an easy mission.

There are many doubts that appear at this moment. It is uncertain which marketing strategies are most effective and/or fit your business.


However, it is necessary to take risks and be assertive at this time and direct efforts in the right way. That’s what differentiates companies that thrive from those that stagnate.

It is through this decision that your business will keep selling more, better and constantly growing.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the marketing strategies most used by the market.

In addition, we will highlight those that are most effective in attracting customers.

As a result, you will be able to make the best choice and implement actions within your company.

Let’s check it out? Good reading!

The success of marketing strategies depends on a good plan

Whichever marketing strategy you choose and understand that it makes the most sense to put into practice, it’s crucial to follow a plan.

Strategic planning is, yes, essential for any business. And when we talk about marketing that remains true.

Therefore, before choosing strategy A or B, it is important to:

  • analyze the market, the competition and how the customer journey takes place ( benchmarking helps in these moments);
  • be clear about the persona of your business and the ideal customer profile (ICP) ;
  • know who your competitors are and the media in which they operate and are relevant;
  • define how many and which marketing channels you can use;
  • Understand your objective with marketing strategies (leads? exposure? etc.);
  • knowing the amount the company will have to take the proposed actions off the paper;
  • measure your current conversion rate to see how much to fetch;
  • create a schedule of actions and be disciplined to comply with it;
  • Measure all actions to know what you hit or miss. That is, do marketing management.

It doesn’t matter the size of the walkthrough. The vital thing here is to ensure that your marketing team is empowered. Above all, that he will actually be engaged in the mission.

The strategies for generating leads are essential in a company. After all, without leads, without prospects, the company has no one to sell to.

So, well… you can already imagine what happens. So being assertive is not a choice at this time. It becomes something very necessary.


15 marketing strategies to attract more customers to your business

We’ve selected 15 different types of marketing strategies. Some well-known, others not so well known. You, who know your business better than anyone else, will know which ones make sense or not right now.

Take into account, of course, the peculiarities of the business and customers. After all, the goal is always the same, right? Sell ​​more and better.

However, you need to get your customer-raising tactics right to make it happen. Otherwise, you will have a very high Customer Acquisition Cost.

By the way, do you know what CAC is?

The sales cycle will also be longer. That, of course, if the customer decides to buy your product or service. Because otherwise you will have a negative ROI.

That said, let’s go to marketing strategies?


1 – Digital Marketing

This may seem too broad and/or simplistic. And to some extent it is. Digital marketing is the set of actions and strategies focused on the internet.

It’s quite different from traditional marketing. This is because, in addition to being interactive, it is cheaper and easier to measure.

This makes it much easier to manage the budget you have for your activities. If something isn’t going right, you can correct the course.

For example, through it you use other strategies and have social networks as an ally. In addition, marketing automation platforms are added to this tactic.

In it, you trigger emails, create pages, among others.

2 – Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing can also be seen as content and/or attraction marketing. The idea is for people to come to the company.

And this happens through content produced that gave the brand an image of credibility and trust. Attraction occurs through content or paid media.

Then you convert the audience into leads. These enter the pre-sales funnel that qualifies them for salespeople to work.

Even after the deal is sealed, it is crucial that your team follow:

  • strengthening the relationship with the customer;
  • With actions to delight you with every contact.

The so-called customer success helps to retain customers. More than that, it is the way to make them true evangelizers for the company.

3 – Outbound Marketing

The outbound marketing is already a long time. However, it was not yet known by that name. The term arose only to counteract inbound.

In other words, it is, therefore, the classic marketing that you have been used to for some time. In short, these actions are directed to publicize product, service and price.

4 – Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is one of the simplest marketing strategies. It’s both easy to understand and easy to execute.

Its actions are always focused on the mission of how to retain customers. Necessarily. In other words, it is the strategy of keeping the customer always satisfied and loyal.

It’s something that guarantees your maximum success with the brand. This will help in the coming of new consumers (referred by your client).

On top of that, it helps to prevent the churn rate from increasing. In theory, in fact, it is for her to decrease a lot. After all, your customers are all satisfied. Why would they abandon you?

5 – Activation Marketing

Here the objective is precisely to activate the brand in relation to the public. And this can be done with events, publicity pieces, advertisements in traditional media, etc.

Everything needs to be planned. The focus is on delighting and providing a positive experience for those who consume it. The ideal scenario is to awaken good memories in consumers.


This makes it easier for them to become fond of the brand.

6 – Niche Marketing

This is one of the most “tactical” marketing strategies, so to speak. This is because it aims to position the product or business in the market.

However, its application does not involve anything that complex. It is about the identification of market opportunities that are oriented towards a small audience.

That is, the niches. As it is a market segmentation, in theory the competition will be less. The costs of implementing another complementary attraction strategy, idem.

7 – Social Marketing

Here, the mission is to combat social problems in a region or locality. Companies look to get brand recognition from that.

To clarify, they carry out activities focused on issues such as:

  • job;
  • education;
  • public health;
  • housing;
  • Transport, among many others.

The focus, within this strategy, is proportional to social well-being. It is common for this to occur to promote products, yes.

However, it may just be to add value to the brand and arouse feelings of affection.

8 – Promotional Marketing

This is another of the traditional marketing strategies. By the way, by the name you can already imagine what it is about, right?

Oh yes, no, let’s go. These are actions that consist of promotions of services or products, adding value to the brand.

With this, it is expected to generate greater sales volume. In addition, the quest is for customer loyalty with a continuous positive experience.

Discounts, sample distribution, promotional events… These are all quite common propositions.

9 – Viral Marketing

Viral marketing would be the ideal world of strategies. It must be said that it is very difficult to achieve. And there is certainly no ready-made script for that.

It is an action that can be a traditional or digital advertisement. It is created to infect people, causing the media to spread.

It’s hard to define what contributes to the vitalization of something. However, always look for something that I can “stick” in people’s heads.

Songs and memes are often viral on the internet. But creating something from there isn’t always easy.

10 – Response Marketing

It is a strategy that demands patient and is almost 100% reactive. Here, the company does not wait for signals from its macro environment to know how to position itself and act.

Surveys help a lot. After all, they help to identify and anticipate trends. And this is always something to be welcomed.

Above all, it’s a pretty safe tactic. After all, you will know precisely where to go. And even how to walk this path.

11 – Exclusive marketing

To show yourself exclusive, limited, is to appear rare and with a lot of value. And that becomes very attractive if your audience has this profile.

Exclusiveness marketing is based on scarcity. It’s a mental trigger that triggers urgency. For example, this can happen with an “unlimited edition” of some product.

Or offer some product or service to a restricted group of people, at first. They, when using, become special.

They differ from those who cannot do the same. After that, little by little you release to everyone what you have at hand. Without failing, of course, to communicate the exclusivity that others had.

12 – Loyalty Marketing

One way to measure the success of any business is to know how loyal the customers a business has. This is so true that we need to talk about a survey released by Sabra.

She pointed out that 80% of organizations’ revenues correspond to 20% of loyal customers. Only then have you seen how advantageous this strategy is. On top of that, it actually costs a lot less than many others.


It is up to the companies, here, to guarantee the client’s success in every way. Have a specific and proactive area focused on this. In addition, it is vital to have support that responds quickly to the doubts that consumers have.

In other words, they are actions aimed at the client’s well-being all the time. To provide an optimized experience for those who consume you.

Consequently, when this happens, satisfaction is transformed into referrals from new customers.

13 – Community Marketing

Similar to loyalty marketing, this strategy proposes to go a step further. The intent here is clear. Make there a feeling of belonging to the brand.

For this, it is necessary to perform several actions. The key is to make people see themselves as the brand.

Let them identify themselves through the product. May they see a way of life in him?

Something incorporated almost as a definitive form.

14 – Multilevel Marketing

Perhaps the “ugly duckling” of all marketing strategies? Some love it, others hate it. However, it’s hard to stay neutral about multilevel marketing.

Also because, in Brazil, it is quite stereotyped. It consists of selling products and earning a commission on that.

It is based on business representation logic. It’s something that might make sense for some businesses. After all, it is possible to spread your sales team in several regions that, today, your brand does not penetrate.

Of course you need to be careful. For “pyramid” schemes go against the image of this strategy. “Schemes” promise big gains quickly.

And they do this by selling the proposal as something outlandish. So always pay attention to the details and also how you will approach people.

After all, you don’t want your product or service to be negatively branded.

15 – Seasonal Marketing

This tactic is driven by external factors. For example, cultural events of a society. Or the seasons then.

Here, adaptation is needed. Change behavior. It will be dictated with the rhythm and terms of the context in which it is inserted. This is not the time to go against the tide. Accept the conditions.

Which? That your business will sometimes be attractive, sometimes not. Or some product or service more than another. It will all depend on the time of year, basically. And everything is fine.

Provided, of course, you know how to capitalize when it’s your time. These are some of the marketing strategies for your company. Now it’s up to you!

So, how can we help you?

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